Invest in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds: Defer or Eliminate Your Capital Gains Taxes Liability.

What we do?
We work nationwide with Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds that are looking for real estate, businesses and/or art projects that are located in Opportunity Zones and entrepreneurs that are looking to connect with Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds that are looking to make equity investments in projects that make sense.

Need Debt?
We also provide commercial real estate loans on all commercial real estate asset classes, whether located in an Opportunity Zone or not.

What are Opportunity Zones?
Opportunity Zones are, state governor designated, under invested areas in each state that can qualify for investments from Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds.  Investors can invest capital gains that would be liable for capital gains taxes.  Depending on how long an investor leaves their money in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund their capital gains tax obligation on the funds invested can go down to zero ($0).

Tax Concept

Another benefit of Opportunity Zones investing is that the capital gains being invested do not have to come from similar types of assets like in a 1031 Exchange.  For example, $350K of capital gains made from selling stock can be invested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund that focuses only on real estate.  If the capital gains funds are kept in the fund for 10 years the tax obligation on the capital gains is $0.

The idea of the Treasury Department's Opportunity Zone program, that's administered through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is that improvements are made to real estate and/or businesses located in Opportunity Zones thus enhancing those areas in the country that have gone under invested.  Art is also one of the 3 areas that can receive an investment from a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund.  Currently, there are approximately 8,700 designated Opportunity Zones across the country.

As of now, it appears that the Opportunity Zones program is a definite win-win-win.

To see if an area and/or property is in an Opportunity Zone, type an address, zip code, etc. into the map: Opportunity Zone Map

Aventura, Hallandale and Hollywood, FL
In addition to having an overall nationwide Opportunity Zone focus, we also have a special interest in Aventura, Hallandale and Hollywood, Florida (zip code 33009: see Opportunity Zone Map).  The Wall Street Journal recently said that Hallandale is south Florida's new real estate hot spot;  Hollywood and Aventura are adjacent to Hallandale, Hollywood to the north and Aventura immediately south.

Opportunity Zone 33009 - Aventura, Hallandale and Hollywood, Florida

Opportunity Zone 33009 - Aventura, Hallandale and Hollywood, Florida