CNN travel | The couple who fell in love in a Danish dungeon

(CNN) — Dorte Poulsen was sunbathing in her parents’ backyard in her home in Copenhagen. It was 1983, and she was 19, just back from a gap year where she’d backpacked solo around South America and Israel. 
Right then, she was enjoying doing nothing, but her sunny basking was interrupted by the phone ringing. 
Dorte reluctantly hauled herself off the ground and answered the call. It was a guy she knew, Henrik — his sister was dating Dorte’s brother — he wasn’t a close friend, but they moved in the same circles. 
“I’ve got these two Americans visiting me,” Henrik said. “They want to go sightseeing, do you want to join us?” 
“Absolutely not,” said Dorte, definitively.  —read more—