CNN BUSINESS | It’s the end of pen-and-paper — and DocuSign is cashing in

New York (CNN Business) – The pandemic has accelerated the demise of pen-and-paper signatures — transforming once-boring DocuSign into a $37 billion tech darling suddenly worth more than Ford Motor, eBay or Best Buy.

Just as Zoom (ZM) is cashing in on the need to meet virtually, DocuSign’s eSignature business is thriving because it makes it easy to do paperwork remotely. Shares have skyrocketed more than 170% this year.

Organizations that never imagined a world without physical signatures have been forced to embrace it. Paperwork now being done with DocuSign (DOCU) includes everything from safely enrolling Covid patients into clinical trials and filling out welfare paperwork in New York State, to remotely onboarding new hires and signing sensitive bank documents.  —read more