Frequently asked questions about selling an EB-5 investment.

Can I actually sell my EB-5 investment?

Yes; once your visa process is finished, it is legal for you to sell your EB-5 investment.

What is needed for you to make a buying decision?

To make a buying decision, we will need to review the Income Statement and the Partnership Agreement for your EB-5 investment.

How long does the process take?

Once we are able to review the Income Statement and the Partnership Agreement and determine that your investment meets our buying criteria, we will make you an offer; if you accept our offer, the process is usually complete within 30 - 45 days.

Is an attorney used?

Yes; we use an attorney for the transaction.  When possible, we'll use the same EB-5 attorney that was used by you in your EB-5 immigration process.  Note:  In some instances  it may not be necessary to use an attorney to successfully close the transaction.

Do you buy EB-5 investments that are associated with Charter Schools?

Yes; as with the other types of EB-5 investments opportunities, we would need to get the needed information to evaluate to see if the Charter School associated with the EB-5 investment meets our buying criteria.