Generate Extra Revenue For Your Firm

As an EB-5 attorney/law firm you have clients that have gone through the EB-5 immigration process and after they have obtained their visa may want to get a lump sum of cash now for their EB-5 investment.
Our main buying criteria:
  • The investment is in the 5 to 7 year maturity range
  • The investment is with a commercial real estate project
Items that are needed for us to make buying decisions:
  • Income Statements
  • The Partnership Agreement from the project
Generate extra revenue for your firm
For submitting EB-5 investments to us, that we eventually purchase, we will close the EB-5 investment purchase transaction(s) with your firm thus generating additional revenue for your firm that would have often gone untapped.  We have capital to deploy and are looking to make as many EB-5 purchases as possible, that meet our buying criteria.

If you have any questions or clients that want to sell their EB-5 investment, feel free to email or call us.

EB-5 attorney/law firm

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Contact us if you are an EB-5 law practice with clients that may have an interest in selling their EB-5 investment.