CNN health | Drinking a little each week protects your heart if you have a cardiovascular condition, study finds

(CNN) – If you are living with heart disease, having a small amount of alcohol each day is linked to a lower risk of having another heart attack, stroke, angina (heart pain because of constricted arteries) or an early death, according to a new large study.

“This is not the general population — the study applies to people who have already had something happen that relates to cardiovascular health,” said alcohol researcher Emmanuela Gakidou, who is senior director of organizational development and training at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

“And what they find is that if you continue to drink after you’ve had a cardiac event, it’s not that bad for you, as long as you keep consumption low,” said Gakidou, who was not involved with the study.  —read more